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  • Why Should I Book You Direct?
    In our opinion there are three main benefits with booking us directly. We can tailor your event exclusively to your desire, planning set lists, organising additional instrumentalists or whatever else you may require by talking to us directly. You can forgo Agency fees which can be as high as 20% on top of band fees. We guarantee to provide a band for your event! If for some reason there is an issue which means we will be unable to attend your event, it will be our responsibility to find you an alternate band to play on the night or you can request a full refund no questions asked.
  • How Much Do You Cost?
    Every gig is different and unfortunately that means every quote is different. However, we have a starting rate of £1000 but on top of that we have to include travel costs and van hire. After that we may have to include potential costs such as accommodation for long distance gigs, flights, travel days, food, additional equipment hire and so on.
  • How Long Do You Need To Setup?
    Our ideal time would be 2 hours. This allows us time to setup, soundcheck and correct any potential technical issues. However, we have been able to set up in as little as 1 hour but this doesn't allow time for any issues or problems that may arise.
  • Can You Work To A Sound Limiter?
    It's becoming more common practice to find venues with sound limits and therefore we have become adept at working to all levels. We set ourselves a limit of 95DB which is more than adequate for us to deliver the show we want. Keir, our drummer is also a London based sound engineer and will always do his best to deliver a great sound in any venue. However if we don't feel its possible to deliver to the venues limits we will always be honest as we don't want to compromise your experience of our show.
  • Are You Insured?
    Yes its common practice to have Public Liability Insurance as all venues will ask for this. We have cover up to £10,000,000 which we can happily show to any venue upon request.
  • Is Your Equipment PAT?
    All of our equipment undergoes PAT testing every year to insure that it meets the standards of today's venues.
  • Do You Take Requests?
    We are happy to take music requests before the event, to guarantee that you will hear the music that you know and love. There will sometimes be a charge for these, but we always offer 2 songs free of charge on every booking.
  • Can You Play 'My Playlist' Through Your PA?
    Absolutely, once we have arrived and set up you are welcome to use the PA however you need. Whether that's for speeches, projector audio or for playing playlist music. We can always provide cables for whatever you want to connect or better yet you can send us the content and we will have it ready to play at your request.


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